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Processing :

Simple processing – in 6 steps (click for the video) – You will be impressed by Binding Agent technology and quality – faster and cheaper

1st step: Preparation of the surface

  • Secure traffic ability
  • Reduce water content of soil, if required
  • Exchange soil, if required
  • Pre-levelling/pre-compaction of rough grade level
  • Obstruction-free traffic ability of the area
  • Marking/pegging of stabilization area
  • Safeguarding of subterranean service pipes


2nd step: Spreading of cement

  • Qualification test for specification of cement/additive mixture
  • Production of cement
  • Preparation and use of suitable spreading vehicle
  • Construction site logistics for on-schedule delivery of spreading vehicle
  • Supervision of spreading procedure

3rd step: Mixing Of Cement

  • Mixing of cement/additive mixture in required strength using soil stabilizer or mounted rotary tiller in the soil
  • In case milling depths > 50 cm, the soil is dug away, stored temporarily, mixed with cement and then re-used


4th step: Watering the surface

  • Continual adding of water without interrupting the milling work

5th step: Compression of the surface

  • On-site creation of precise grade level
  • Dynamic and/or static compression on average 100% DPR using suitable equipment
  • Post-profiling with grader (laser controlled) if necessary


6th step: Quality assurance

  • Geotechnical support using static plate tests according to DIN 18134 and using dynamic plate tests as well as falling weight equipment
  • Removal of drilling cores
  • Compression strength tests, etc.



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