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“Working with Binding Agent means building and completing road projects in a cost-conscious, time-saving and ecologically sustainable manner"

Binding Agent : is a soil stabilizer composed of alkaline and alkaline based earth elements which supports the cement hydration process and work as a good bonding agent.

The Binding Agent ® network stands for rapid, innovative, secure and cost-effective alternatives to conventional procedures and extensive knowledge from several hundred projects in a wide range of applications for more than 20 years. In close cooperation with our clients, we process made-to-measure solutions for specific tasks. That ranges from individual services to integrated service packages.

Processing and result:

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Very resistant and durable
  • Reduced formation of cracks
  • Reduction of settlements
  • Impermeable, leak-proof surfaces
  • Acid-resistant, salt resistant
  • Processing possible up to -6 °C and under water
  • Can be used for virtually any soil
  • Immobilization of hazardous substances
  • Favourable alternative to concrete technology.

Binding Agent Product advantages :

  • Reduced CO² emissions from raw materials, energy carriers and production
  • Well-known technology, the process steps are known, tried and tested
  • Compatible with all commercial cements
  • Faster cement hydration process which results in improved product features
  • Homogeneous compound = targeted control of the setting reaction
  • Extremely high resistance and durability due to high connectivity

Cost Optimization :

  • No costs for earth excavation
  • No transports to landfill sites
  • No purchases of materials for base course and anti-frost layer
  • No supplies of filling materials
  • Reduction of top coats
  • Reduction of costs for repairs
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • No anti-capillary layers needed
  • Immobilization of hazardous materials without disposal and land fill charges

Time Optimization

  • No off-time expenditure for earth excavation
  • No transports needed to landfill sites
  • No deliveries of materials for base layer and anti-frost layer
  • No supplies of filling materials
  • Possibility of avoiding deep foundations (after prior static inspection and if foundation conditions are favourable)
  • No settlement periods required
  • Stabilisation and immobilization possible in one procedure


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